A Day in the Life (at home) with our Director of Sales

Director of Sales at Amanda Uprichard, Kari, walks us through how she spends a day working from home.

"I typically start my day around 8 am during the work week"

Seen here wearing an exclusive AU tie dye pajama set.

"I cook breakfast around 8:30 am. Today I made scrambled eggs with a side of blueberries. I'm running low on groceries - it's time to go back out for more!"

"A morning shower always wakes me up and revitalizes me with new energy. I renovated my bathroom a few months ago and love how it came out. Interior design is a side passion of mine.

To do by hair, I recently bought the Revlon Round Brush Dyer, which I have been loving. It's definitely worth the hype and gives you an at home blowout!"

"My workday begins at about 10 am.

I've been trying to keep it professional on top for Zoom meetings - though I've definitely been living in lounge pants during quarantine.

Today I chose to wear the AU Sawyer Jacket and Bourbon Bodysuit on top and the silk Colbie Pants on the bottom.

I also love lounging in my Restoration Hardware pillow slippers. Mine are specifically last season, but they have new versions available.

My home desk is decorated in fun finds from Homegoods. I also think it's time I ordered some blue light glasses after all of this screen time!"

"I stop for a lunch break and quick workout around 1 pm, where I spend a lot of time with my new foster dog, Tulip! Quarantine was the perfect opportunity to foster a dog - something I've always wanted to do living in NYC. I never had enough time at home until now, I am fostering through a wonderful organization - @louieslegacy.

When the weather is nice, I like to get some fresh air and do workouts on the roof of the building. My favorite at-home (or gym) workouts are @sweat and @alexiaclark programs."

"By 5 pm I'm ready for happy hour! To keep some normalcy during this time, I put on my favorite tops for a facetime happy hour with friends. Today I put on the AU Carolina Bodysuit. It looks super cute with the Colbie Pants and still so comfortable.  (Army Green color pants are exclusive to Shopbop).

My drink of choice is white wine - typically a Sancerre or Sauvignon Blanc.

After happy hour I've been trying to cook dinner as much as possible. Then I relax on my couch while watching TV.  My guilty pleasure tv shows to keep up with on primetime are The Bold Type, Keeping up with the Kardashians, and Grey's Anatomy. However, I also have been loving binging shows like Ozark, Tiger King, and Love is Blind on Netflix! My boyfriend even made me start Game of Thrones this week... wish me luck!"