About Us


In 2006, in a small NYC studio, Amanda Uprichard, the brand, came to life. It was started by Amanda Uprichard, a born pioneer and rogue fashion enthusiast who moved through the fashion scene with a sense of innovation, fun and freedom. Eventually, Amanda made the decision to nurture her creativity launching a brand that spoke to all of the beauty and adventure that fashion represented to her. She also sought to create styles that allowed women to look amazing and feel sexy and powerful.

Today, Amanda Uprichard is a contemporary women’s fashion brand that is known for creating statement pieces in luxe fabrics and bold hues. Amanda Uprichard designs for the woman who is in relentless pursuit of her dreams. Whether attending her best friend’s wedding, a happy hour celebration or on vacation, the bold and unapologetically feminine pieces that Amanda creates always translate and get admired.

Amanda Uprichard has become the brand that’s for the woman who’s full of personality, the girl with the ideas, the one that’s on a quest for knowledge of the new, the woman that’s positive, happy and not afraid to share all of this through her fashion.